Expert Piano Tuning in Eldersburg, Maryland

A piano is a huge investment that brings a lifetime of great music and fun to you, your family and friends, and even the next generations to come. It is an instrument than can surely last for decades, given that it receives the proper tuning and maintenance that it requires. Yes, a piano needs to be maintained and tuned regularly to keep it sounding perfectly. The process may not be simple and convenient, but it is necessary. Piano tuning in Eldersburg, MD is one of my expertise. If you need my services, I am always at your beck and call.

Why is Piano Tuning Important?

Regardless of the age or brand of your piano, it will go out of tune at some point because there are several factors that come to play. The strings in a piano need to have the right tension to produce the correct note. These strings are stretched across a wooden soundboard which, unfortunately due to the properties of wood, tends to shrink or swell as it loses or gains moisture depending on the humidity levels of its surrounding. As a result, the tension of the strings increase or decrease, causing it to go out of tune.

Humidity level is just one factor. The type of wood, for instance, is another. Bottom line is, proper and regular tuning is necessary to keep your piano in good shape and to keep it sounding good and resonant.

For over 30 years, I have been playing and teaching music, and piano tuning came along as an added skill. I have had plenty of experience in dealing with several types of pianos, new and old, and am very confident in my skill. So, if you are in need of expert piano tuning in Eldersburg, MD, you can always give me a call.